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Sailor and Pirates
Added 10/5/09    5352 views
This is a sailor versus pirates wet look photo set including 13 high res images. Our poor sailor gets captured by our nasty pirates and subjected to a soaking! Featuring the 3G girls

Superheroines Mud Wrestling
Added 11/24/09    5275 views
A schoolyard question is answered as these two hot heroines go head to head in a muddy battle for supremacy. Enjoy as capes get wet and heavy and the claws come out in a 5-minute 12-second video. Gu...

Oil Wrestling-dynamo Vs Poison
Added 2/21/10    3163 views
Oil wrestling featuring the stunning Poison and the lovely Dynamo. Watch as these two girls get oily and slippery and try to get hold of each other and just slipping through each other's fingers. Ex...

Oil Wrestling: Falcon Vs Poison
Added 2/21/10    2948 views
In this clip the gorgeous Poison is up against a feisty Falcon. Watch these 2 beauties battle it out to the bitter end, looking stunning in their bikinis the oil is flying everywhere! Enjoy, featuri...

Inferno's Latex Sploshing
Added 8/1/12    5329 views
Inferno enrols the help of the gorgeous Nikki, wearing a coral bikini, to test out how latex looks and feels when being covered in mess. Inferno, dressed in her favourite black latex skirt and purple...

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Trash the Dress 3G Style
Added 4/21/11    9561 views
The 3G girls, Dynamo, Poison and Inferno introduce Adreena to the game of "Trash the Dress." Wearing a cute purple floral dress, Inferno starts in the hot seat. She's nervous and hopes she can answe...

Inferno and Nikki Sploshing
Added 8/22/12    5751 views
Inferno and Nikki have already been a little messy, but have decded to carry on for lunch. Inferno in her white bra and panties set is keen to pour a tin of baked beans into her pants, asking Nikki f...

Cake Sitting Cuties
Added 9/5/12    5734 views
Inferno and Nikki are keen to sit on things today. Inferno wearing white, puts Nikki in coral on the seat. Starting with a small egg custard tart Nikki faces towards the camera and slowly sits down...

Inferno Fills Her New Latex Swimsuit.
Added 11/25/13    6470 views
Inferno shows off her tight black latex swimsuit. She has an array of different fillings, starting off with custard in the front. She rubs it in, all over her chest, squeezing it out the top and cr...

3G Easter Special
Added 3/27/11    7657 views
The 3G Girls Dynamo, Poison and Inferno introduce a new member, Adreena, to the splosh world in their first Easter Special! Dressed up as sexy bunnies with ears and tails, they all get festive, passi...

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